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Dr. Li Jian-An, Chief of rehabilitation medicine center, elected as a foreign academician by Institute of Medicine of th

Createtime:2014-11-28 11:02:36     Release source:The First School of Clinical Medicine     Hits:2051

On Oct. 20, 2014, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (USA) (IOM) announced its newly elected 70 domestic and 10 foreign members. Among them, one of our own Professor Li Jian-An, Chief of Rehabilitation Medicine Center of the 1st affiliated hospital (Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital), is a newly elected foreign member. This is the second NMU alumnus received such great honor after Professor Wang Cun-Yu at UCLA who was also the first Chinese educated medical researcher to be elected as the IOM member in 2011.

Professor Li's election marks his international status and contribution in the fields of rehabilitation medicine. It is undoubtedly a recognition to the success of our university in the development of the rehabilitation medicine. After the election ceremony, Professor Li said during his interview that "My election into such a honorable membership not only provides a significant recognition for my work but also for the Chinese rehabilitation medicine in the world. I feel very proud of being a physician in rehabilitation medicine in China."

Founded in 1970, IOM is one of the four academic institutes in the US National Academy (the other three are Sciences, Engineering and The National Natural Foundation). It has been a great honor for a medical researcher to be elected as an academician by IOM as the elected members are these who have made the outstanding contributions in the health and medical fields. IOM elects 60 national and 10 foreign academicians each year and currently has 2012 members in total. Each academician has a lifelong tenure and is responsible for advising the U.S. government on the preventive measures and suggestions concerning the health and medical related issues. 

Reported by: The First School of Clinical Medicine