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                                                   You will meet the following trade and professional visitors at R&OC 2019

The healthcare policy and social welfare policy are different in every country, it is necessary to learn the related policy, commercial channels and Business Operations Managements while you are planning to tap into Chinese market.


Who You Will Meet at R&OC 2019

Visitors by profession: Social Welfare, Clinical Medicine, Medical Education, Manufacturers, International trading companies, domestic Wholesalers, distributors, retailers, agents, clinic and training institutes, associations, scientific research organizations, design services, publishers and medias, testing agency and certification authority.

Visitors by Position: Government officials, international organizations officials, welfare agency officials, scientific and educational institutions leaders, associations principals, directors of the rehabilitation centers, president of the hospitals, clinical department directors, chief physicians, clinicians, prosthetics, Orthopedists , PT/OT/ST/EPT therapists, head nurses and nurse, medical educators, research scholars, teachers in special education schools, rehabilitation fitness coaches, manufacturers, distributors, Wholesalers, retailers, agents, service providers, international traders, investment managers , NGO members, medical students, nursing staff, people with disabilities and their families.

Visitors from governmental administration systems:

Specialized hospitals(means the hospitals which are dedicate for specific disease or patient): rehabilitation hospitals, Chinese medicine hospitals, children's hospitals,  geriatric hospitals, orthopedic hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, Maternal and Child Health Hospitals. 


General hospitals: rehabilitation department, physiotherapy department, neurology & neurosurgery department, orthopedics department, pain management , sports medicine, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, geriatrics.

Basic medical institutions(Means the hospitals or clinics which are near to the patients' location): rural People's hospitals, rural Chinese medicine hospitals, rural maternal and child health centers, urban community health service centers, community rehabilitation centers.

Disabled Persons’ Federations(DPF) rehabilitation apartments: Disabled Persons’ Federations of all cities, rehabilitation department of hospitals, assistive devices resource centers, rehabilitation centers, humanity hospitals, special education occupational schools. DPF rehabilitation apartments means the public welfare institutions that provide various rehabilitation services to the people with disabilities and other functional disorders, including vision, hearing, speech, physical, spiritual, mental and others. These rehabilitation institutes provide kinds of rehabilitation centers, hearing aids and speech recovery institutions, assistive devices resource centers and so on. 


The civil affairs rehabilitation Centersprosthetics and orthotics centers, rehabilitation hospitals, military hospitals, children welfare agencies, nursing homes, sanatorium for retired officials, senior care centers etc. 

Human resources and social security departments: work injury rehabilitation hospitals, work injury rehabilitation centers, work injury identification centers, designated rehabilitation treatment centers.

Special education organizations: special education departments, the blind, deaf, mentally challenged, disabled, special education schools, rehabilitation and nursing care institutions for children with autism.

Sport Rehabilitation institutions: Sports Bureaus, sports hospitals, individual sports training centers, sports academies, sports workers groups, athletic clubs.

Health Departments of General Logistics Department of Liberation Army:military units and joint logistics departments, logistics departments, resident military hospitals, nursing homes, military institutes, physical training center camps.


Medical Colleges:rehabilitation department in medical colleges; affiliated hospitals,research institutes, training schools, physical therapy and clinical nursing in nursing schools.

Visitors from trading and social area:


Domestic traders: rehabilitation equipments/devices/ facilities distributors, Wholesalers, retailers, agents, service providers and trading companies, OTC channel distributors, rehabilitation supplies network operators.


International traders: international trade groups, specific product suppliers, specific field suppliers; purchasing alliance; medical device import and export companies.


International trade terminals: rehabilitation services providers; international chain shops, medical device leasing companies, network direct-marketing companies; purchasing agents.


OEM and ODM: overseas medical device manufacturers and brand merchants; medical equipment importers, supermarkets.

Media and services providers: international consultancy; investment management institutions; publications and academic media; international certification and logistics; barrier-free design companies.


Associations or organizations: official and non-official international welfare organizations, domestic rehabilitation societies and associations, organizations of disabled persons, disabled NGO organization