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You will meet the following trade and professional visitors at MDRT and R&OC 2015

Professional medical area:

Ø  Rehabilitation technicians, rehabilitation engineers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, sports therapists, masseurs balneotherapists and nurses

Ø  Management and specialists in private and public rehabilitation centers/clinics, rehabilitation department of general hospitals, work injury rehabilitation centre, disabled rehabilitation centers, prosthetics & orthotics rehabilitation centers, community health service centers, convalescence hospitals, military hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing home and other special facilities

Ø  Orthotists, prosthetists, orthopaedic surgeons, orthopedic shoe technicians and podiatrists


Trading and social area:

Ø  Medical rehabilitation devices suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, retailers, import and export trading companies

Ø  Staff in professional associations/institutes, disabled persons' federation rehabilitation center, sport associations, medical professional universities, health-management organizations, welfare/charity association

Ø  Disabled people and seniors

Ø  Press, consultancy and services