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Please note:

Registration deadline was January 10, 2016

Participation fees and other charges

The following net participation fees have been set for R&OC. Prices apply as per square metre of floor space.


One standard booth: USD2500/9 sqm 

Raw Space:USD200/ sq.m

²  Stand furnishing: one conference table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one 500W power socket, one wastepaper bin, fascia board, carpet

²  Raw space: minimum size of 36 sqm, power sockets, carpet and other facilities are not included

²  We also make sponsorship opportunities available to you. Please log on our website for more information.


²  Visitor Badges: USD3500 (20,000 Pics)

²  Catalogue Advertisement:

Back cover AD          210mm×285mm     USD1000

Inside Front Cover    210mm×285mm     USD1000

Inside Back Cover    210mm×285mm      USD 500 

Please contact Maggie if you want to participate the fair Tel: 86 20 66224913    Email: