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Investment Attracting Program for International Rehabilitation Canton Forum2018

Guangzhou becomes the focus in International Rehabilitation Field


No.1 in the World Meets No.1 in China

International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) is the NO.1 international academic organization of rehabilitation medicine in the world. “The 7th World Congress of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” held in June 2013, in Beijing by ISPRM has unprecedentedly attracted over 4,800 attendees, which makes China become the focus in international rehabilitation medicine field.


With the rapid development of economy, the gradual deepening of health care reform, as well as the continuous investment in rehabilitation medicine and welfare services of government, the potential huge need for rehabilitation medicine in China has drawn the attention of the world. Prof. Jianan Li, the leader in rehabilitation medicine field in China was elected to be the president of ISPRM in “The 8th World Congress of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” held in June 2014, in Mexico. Prof. Jianan Li is the first person to be ISPRM president in Asia, which is not only the pride of the Chinese people, but also giving global rehabilitation medical market more expectations and confidence in the future development of Chinese rehabilitation medical market.


“Multi-discipline Rehab Treatment 2015” & “Rehacare & Orthopedic Canton 2015” is organized by China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, directly under the Ministry of Commerce. After five years innovation and insistence, with a steady development at an annual growth rate of over 40%, the fair has become the largest and most effective rehabilitation medical devices and assistive devices import and export trade fair in China, which is hailed as leading fair in China rehabilitation field. “The 1st World Rehabilitation Canton Forum" in 2014 held in the same time has attracted 1,678 participants, whose which its number is ranked No.1 in national rehabilitation academic conferences.

 “International Rehabilitation Canton Forum 2015" to be held during March 27-29, 2015 in Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou, China is organized by the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and operated by the organizing committee of “Multi-discipline Rehab Treatment 2015” & “Rehacare & Orthopedic Canton 2015”. The forum with the theme of “Interscience Innovation for Rehabilitation Development” aims to deepen the international exchanges between China and world rehabilitation medicine field. The total area of the forum and exhibition is 35,000 square meters. The number of attendees from local and abroad is expected to reach around 25, 000. After a lapse of less than two years, the international rehabilitation once again focuses its attention on China, while the No.1 in the world joins the No.1 in China again.


China Authorities and World Authorities Gather in Guangzhou


“Multi-discipline Rehab Treatment 2015” & “Rehacare & Orthopedic Canton 2015” involves in seven rehabilitation systems in China, including China Disabled Persons' Federation, civil affairs, public health, occupational injury, sports rehabilitation, special education and foreign trade since its inception. The innovative idea combining with cross-border, cross-cutting, cross-discipline, cross-therapy, comprehensive rehabilitation and integration leads its rapid development speed, gains the praise of many exhibitors and demonstrates itself fully through an integrated platform.


As “International Rehabilitation Canton Forum2015” by ISPRM emphasizes on innovation, the cross-discipline cooperation, technology extending of rehabilitation clinical transformation with the theme of “Interscience Innovation for Rehabilitation Development”, the forum develops more successfully and attracts more and more leading experts from home and abroad, some leading in academic rehabilitation medicine, some in rehabilitation medicine experiments, some in rehabilitation treatments, even some leading in domestic and international management of rehabilitation clinics. Could you imagine what wisdom spark will be produced, what innovation and reform will be made and what opportunities for rehabilitation development will be created while these top-level authorities from local and abroad in rehabilitation field gather in the following spring of Guangzhou?


What kind of inspiration and guidance would "International Rehabilitation Canton Forum2015" bring? What kind of innovative program for national and international rehabilitation medicine would this forum show? What kind of trusted brand devices would this forum recommend? Please keep a keen eye on “International Rehabilitation Canton Forum2015” with China authorities and world authorities.


1. Sponsor Qualifications

1.1 Requirements

(A) Industry leaders and international and & domestic well-known enterprises

(B) Enterprises which have new products with innovative technology to release

(C) Enterprises and institutes which commit to promoting the development of rehabilitation medicine training and education

1.2 Flow

Qualification - Cooperation talks- Signing a contract - Program implementation

1.3 Principles

Voluntary for Enterprises

Highlight the unique

First come, first served

Consultation and customization

Personalized services


2 Sponsor Number

2.1 Forum Title Sponsor Number

One Diamond Sponsor

Available for keynote Sessions and international organizations meetings and activities in the meeting room with one thousand people;

Three Platinum Sponsors

Available for three sessions including neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation and rehabilitation engineering technology respectively in the meeting rooms of five hundred people;

Eight Gold Sponsors

Available for setting up individual special topic forums in the meeting room of two hundred people

2.2 Acknowledgements Sponsor Number

(A) Academic Session Sponsors: unlimited

(B) Academic Session sponsors for single session: unlimited

3. Sponsorship Program

World Rehabilitation Canton Forum2015 includes following sessions:

botulinum toxin treatment technology

dysarthria rehabilitation

deafness and audio language rehabilitation

prosthetic rehabilitation technology

orthotics rehabilitation technology

wheelchair and walker rehabilitation technology

motion control rehabilitation technology

motion feedback rehabilitation technology

rehabilitation auxiliary equipment technology

rehabilitation environmental adaptation system technology

rehabilitation molecular biological scaffold technology

rehabilitation robot technology

rehabilitation stem cell technology

rehabilitation exercise analysis technology

brain function rehabilitation technology

electrotherapy rehabilitation technology

rehabilitation evaluation system

pediatric rehabilitation

dysphagia rehabilitation

geriatric rehabilitation

women rehabilitation

traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation

pain rehabilitation management

stroke rehabilitation

respiratory diseases rehabilitation

cancer rehabilitation

cardiovascular diseases rehabilitation

diabetes rehabilitation

community rehabilitation to institution based rehabilitation management.


The detailed information about sessions is the following:






Rehabilitation Medical Institutions Investment


Geriatric Rehabilitation Institution Building


Pain Rehabilitation


New Progress in Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Application


Physiotherapy Revolution


Pediatric Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Robot Therapy


Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Medical Practice in Developing Countries


Rehabilitation Institution Development and Management


Advances in Functional Electrical Stimulation


Advances in Enhanced External Counterpulsation


Neurological Rehabilitation (Stroke)


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Neural Restoration and Reconstruction


Depression Rehabilitation


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound


New Progress in Neurogenic Bladder Management


Rehabilitation Translational Medicine


New Progress in Assistive Devices Application


Cardiac Rehabilitation Training System


Rehabilitation Medical Institution Information System


Advances in Dysphagia Treatment


Treatment with Soft Stents for Scoliosis


Advances in Traction Treatment


Traditional Medicine Rehabilitation;


Rehabilitation Agencies Certification Quality Control


Rehabilitation Medicine Education


ICF Clinical Implementation Practice


WHO Action Plan