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Wu Han Rong Kang Medical Rehabilitation Equipment Center

Wu Han Rong Kang Medical Rehabilitation Equipment Center was established in 2003, connected prosthesis and orthotics production into one, equipped with clinical assembly center.As the first inductrial injury designated assembly unit and disable auxiliary appliance appraisal unit in Hu Bei, company customed-tailor prosthesis and orthotics for all the handicapped in province,and provided the comprehensive rehabilitation therapy.
WH Rong Kang owned the orthopedic qualification of production and sales、product quality inspection report and CE certificate. Besides,the company particularly paid attention to scientific and technological progress and actively maked technical exchange and product development with the orthopedic industry in the world. By connectting with the international market since 2011, the company customized prosthetic products and accessories to meet requirements for different groups from different regions.
ADD:Zhuobaoroad,N0.208,Hongshan District,Wuhan city,China