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Beijing Renheyi Technology Co.,Ltd

We are professional do rehabilitation including children spa spa equipment instrument, spa, spa therapy apparatus for children, for children children walking rehabilitation pool, adult butterfly bath, the body vortex bubble bath, underwater treadmill, underwater treadmill, limb rehabilitation equipment such as bath. Including installation of recovery plans, implementation plan and so on, our company is the first domestic professional spa product, cooperate with Chinese rehabilitation research center, I hope you have a need to contact us! Factory direct sale: children spa machine, luxury spa spa machine and so on rehabilitation equipment for children.

  • My company formerly known as export-oriented enterprises. Have been to Europe and Russia national production of spa products. Including: single - more than six people place the spa bath, spa bath, multifunctional children spa machine, limbs spa bath, butterfly bath, etc. In view of the domestic physical rehabilitation industry vigorous development, in 2010 in order to meet the domestic demand, we adjusted the part of the export products, registered a Beijing ren and yi technology development co., LTD., to provide products and services for domestic physical rehabilitation. My company's products in addition to the dimensions according to Chinese data body adjustment, internal institutions, and export product configuration in the same way.


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