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Hubei Provincial Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology Center ( Hubei Provincial Prosthetics and Orthotics Factory), established in 1951, is affiliated to Hubei Department of Civil Affairs. Sticking to the principle of serving the honorable disable soldiers, the center is a social welfare public institution integrating scientific research, manufacture, assembly as well as orthoraedic rehabilitation and training. It is listed by civil affair department as model factory in national artificial limb field and based for supplying standard components.

Located at the crossing of Zhuodaoquan in the East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone near East Lake in Wuhan, it tops the country by occupying an area of over 30,000 sq. meters and a floorage of over 20,000 sq. meters. Among the 100 professional staff, nearly 30 are professional technical staff in senior and junior medical science and engineering and 40 are professional technicians.

The main products are top-grad, mediate-grad and low-grad artificial upper and lower limbs, orthosis, orthopaedic footwear, hand controlled three wheelers, electric three wheelers, wheelchairs, crutches, standard components and rehabilitation products, such as stomacher, neck support, waist protection belts as well as Kangguan brand exercise machines, etc. Our various products can meet the demand of different people. Boasting advanced equipment, senior professionals, the center is in a leading position in assemble technology of artificial limbs with a group of famous assembling experts. We were once awarded the first prize in national artificial limb assemble competition. The center is also the cradle for secondary technical schools of artificial limb orthoraedic. A dozen of products that have been studied have won prizes for progress and titles as high quality products at provincial and ministry levels. For example, HBP-1,2,3 ligament bearing artificial calf won titles of high quality products at provincial level; special OPO board for artificial limb orthotics got the third prize for technological progress initiated by civil affairs department; elastic waist protection belt won the high quality prize of international hi-tech patent equipment expo. and the third prize for technological progress of civil affairs department.

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