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Karma Medical Products Co.,Ltd

"I can only truly feel alive while my wheels are spinning.." These words from a wheelchair user express the importance of mobility and that's the importance we are committed to support. Such brave people deserve a wheelchair that suits their needs. Entering the third decade of operation, "Fit the Needs of the Users" is always the main belief of Karma Medical Products Co.,Ltd. The three major concepts of our innovation are :product development with specific features to correspond to users' medical needs, cutting edge ergonomic design and environmental-friendliness. We provide the very best wheelchairs and help each customer start a new life with greater freedom and comfort. In the past 25 years, we have built up over 4,000 dealer-services successfully in more than 40 countries through out 5 continents, supporting millions of wheelchair users and their families, enriching the lives of physically challenged people and sharing joyful and touching moments all around the world.

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