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Hangzhou Yogo Health Management Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Yogo Health Management Co.,Ltd takes three products to Rehacare & Orthopedic China (Guangzhou)

1. Flexyfoot-an ergonomically designed range of walking aids that combines a unique flexible and shock-absorbing foot that securely grips almost any surface,with stylish poles and distinctive easy-grip handles to bring you confidence and safety when exploring town or country.Flexyfoot's award winning design transforms existing walking aids. 50% more grip than standard ferrules and ferrules can be rotate 360 stylish folding and telescopic sticks, crutches and hiking poles avalable.

2. Kaihoshugi is a Japanese shoe brand. The shoes are med in Japan, and leading the shoes market of nation-made in Japan. The shoes have several practical patents for the purpose of making users when wearing them.

3. MOGU cusion is a made-in-Japan product, applying ultra micro beads as the filling, dispersing pressure, circulating air, preventing pressuresores. And the fabric has been identified to calm users, which fit into dementia patients and patients laying on bed or wheelchair for long time.

More info will be updated soon,please meet us in R&OC.

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