Ø  The only comprehensive rehabilitation exhibitions with nine major systems of the medical and health care in China include Health System, Disabled Persons System, Civil Administration System, Human Society Work Injury System, Special Education System, Sports Rehabilitation System, Retired Military Security System, International Import and Export Trade System

Ø  The concurrent event “Guangzhou International Rehabilitation Forum” with the theme of “Rehabilitation Development Without Borders” advocated cross-disciplinary and cross-system cooperation and exchange. The combination of high-end academic conference with professional exhibition is the first in the industry.

Ø  The construction of the national rehabilitation medical service system belongs to the implementation of the national strategy of Health 2030. At present, the construction of the municipal, county and township rehabilitation service system is still in the primary stage. In the long run, the investment and support of the state will not be greatly affected by the epidemic. The "Forum of Directors of Rehabilitation hospitals in Cities, counties and townships of China" will be held at the same time of the exhibition to gather more decision-makers' resources from community medical institutions.

Ø  The exhibition and Guangzhou Beauty Expo, the world's largest beauty industry expo, will be held at the same address at the same time. On the basis of ensuring the visiting resources of traditional dealers channel, the exhibition will develop new channels for exhibitors, such as high-end health management, postpartum health care, health maintenance.

Ø  The international purchaser organization has always been the dominant part of the exhibition. The organizing committee will closely follow the international epidemic situation, strive to make the greatest efforts to expand the international trade market for exhibitors, and strengthen the publicity and promotion of domestic export companies.

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