The only comprehensive rehabilitation exhibitions with nine major systems of the medical and health care in China include Health System, Disabled Persons System, Civil Administration System, Human Society Work Injury System, Special Education System, Sports Rehabilitation System, Retired Military Security System, International Import and Export Trade System


The concurrent event“Guangzhou International Rehabilitation Forum” with the theme of “Rehabilitation Development Without Borders”  advocated cross-disciplinary and cross-system cooperation and exchange. It is one of the three academic conferences in the rehabilitation field with over 2,000 participants. The combination of high-end academic conference with professional exhibition is the first in the industry. On the basis of ensuring the resources of channel customers, it strongly complements the source of institutional end-customers of the exhibition.


The exhibition is deeply involved in international promotion and national buyer organization, and is in the leading position in the internationalization level. It has become the head exhibition of domestic import and export of rehabilitation products. The exhibitors who participated in the exhibition have come from more than 30 countries and regions. Buyers from more than 70 countries and regions have visited and purchased, and the number of overseas buyers exceeds 1,000 each year.

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