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Professional visitors from all around the world

Occupations:Welfare Guarantee, Clinical Medicine, Medical Education, Manufacturers, International Traders, Domestic Trade Distributors, Clinics and Training Institutions, Academic Associations, Research Institutes, Design Services, Publishing and Media, Monitoring and Certification Bodies

Status: Government officials, International Organizations officials, Welfare Agencies officials, Educational Institutions Leaders, Leaders of The Medical Association, Director of The Medical Center, Welfare Home Director, The Dean of The Hospital, Director of The Clinical Departments, Chief Physician, Clinical Doctors, Prosthetist and Orthotist, PT/OT/ST/EPT, Therapist, The Head Nurse, Nurses, Psychiatry Scholars, Research Scholars, Special-Education Teachers, Rehabilitation Fitness Coach, Manufacturers, Distributors, Terminal, Service Providers, International Trade Business, Investment Manager, NGO Members, Medical Students, The Disabled and Their Families.

Visitors from the systems:

n  Specialized Hospitals: Rehabilitation Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Children's Hospital, Geriatric Hospital, Orthopaedic Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

n  General Hospitals: Department of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Pain, Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Geriatrics

n  Primary Medical Care: County-Level People's Hospitals, County Hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, County Maternal and Child Health Centers, Urban Community Health Service Centers and Community Rehabilitation Centers.

n  Disabled Persons' Federation of Rehabilitation: All Levels of Disabled Persons' Federation, Rehabilitation Department, Assistive Devices Resource Center, Rehabilitation Center, Charity Hospital, Special Education Vocational School.

n  Human Social Security: Rehabilitation Hospitals for Industrial Injuries, Rehabilitation Centers for Industrial Injuries, Evaluation Centers for Industrial Injuries, and Rehabilitation Centers for Designated Treatment Centers for Industrial Injuries.

n  Special Education: Local Education Departments (Bureaus) Special Education offices, Blind, Deaf, Dumb, Intellectual, Special Education Schools, Children with Autism Rehabilitation and Care Institutions.

n  Sports Rehabilitation: Sports Bureaus at All Levels, Sports Hospitals, Sports Institutes, Individual Sports Training Centers, Sports Colleges, Sports Teams and Clubs.

n  Medical Colleges and Universities: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Affiliated Hospital, Research Institute, Training Classroom, Nursing School Department of Physical Therapy and Clinical Nursing.

Visitors from distributors:

n  Domestic Trade: Rehabilitation Equipment Distributors, Rehabilitation Equipment Terminal Vendors, OTC Distributors, TCM Equipment Distributors, and Rehabilitation Supplies E-Commerce Vendors

n  Foreign Trade: International Trade Groups, Industry Wholesalers, Product Suppliers, Regional Suppliers, Purchasing Alliances, Medical Equipment Import and Export Companies.

n  Foreign Trade Terminal: Rehabilitation Service Providers, International Terminal Chain Organizations, Medical Equipment Distribution Companies, Network Direct Selling Companies, Foreign Trade Purchasing Companies.

n  OEM and ODM: Overseas Medical Device Manufacturers and Brands, Medical Device Importers, Domestic Foreign Trade Purchasing Companies, Large Supermarkets.

n  Media and Services: International Consulting Firms, Investment Management Firms, Publishing and Academic Media, International Certification and Logistics, Barrier-Free Design Companies.

n  Organizations: International official and Unofficial Welfare Organizations, Domestic Rehabilitation Related Societies, Associations, Disabled Persons' Organizations, and Disability-Aid NGOS.

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