Overseas Exhibitor Subsidy Scheme


Foreign SMEs Subsidy Plan


Background of the Plan

According to the official data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's per capita GDP reached US$9,732 in 2018, which has exceeded the average level of middle-income countries. With the increase of the per capita income and the government’s investment in rehabilitation, not surprisingly, the healthcare and senior care products had become one of the fastest growing goods according to the customs data.

As the international professional industry exhibition certified by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Rehacare & Orthopedic China(R&OC) applied subsidies for foreign SMEs from Chinese government (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to encourage the import of the foreign rehabilitation medical products, it expected that more foreign SMEs enterprises can take the opportunity to tap into Chinese market, bringing the innovative and better rehabilitation medical technologies and health products to China. Meanwhile , in order to bring better exhibit effect, more targeted Chinese importers of healthcare products will be specially invited to R&OC.

About R&OC

R&OC is the leading exhibition in the field of rehabilitation in China, also one of the 48 international industry exhibitions accredited by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. The ninth edition in 2019 attracted 207 manufacturers with 600 booths from 18 countries and regions including China, United States, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, Israel, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Amount them, 23 overseas companies came to China and display their products for the first time. 14,139 buyers and professional visitors from 62 countries and regions visited the exhibition. For more details visit the official website www.cantonrehacare.com.

Subsidy Include

Qualified Applicants can get a free 9m2 stand in R&OC for three consecutive years  

(Extra booths should be paid in additional)

Admission Requirements

1. Foreign SMEs (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

2. No business registration in China

Application documents

1. Air tickets proof from homeland to China during R&OC.(at least one HQ staff)

2. Post news of exhibiting in R&OC on the company website and social network.

3. Exhibition photo at R&OC 2020 (Include all staff)


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