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DR-HO’S Home Therapy products are a popular line of pain relief products that are sold in over 20 countries. An estimated 10 million people are now living a happier and more active life with less pain from using DR-HO’S devices. Dr Ho’s line of products have stood the test of time in all marketing networks including mass retailers such as Walmart, Walgreen Pharmacies, shopper’s pharmacies, London Drugs, Rexall Drugs, online, mobile, Live TV shopping networks (HSN and TSC) and direct sales. It is one of the fastest growing brands in Canada. We have long time best seller: DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System, a professional TENS device with it is proprietary modulated pain relieving waves. It’s clinically proven to relax muscles, improve circulation to relieve pain significantly after just one 20 minute treatment. The Dr Ho’s difference: Doctor developed, tested & recommended. Auto modulated pain relieving waves Two electrode outlets Three unique treatment modes Auto shut-off timer Battery operated Reusable electrode pads Full body pain relief Dr-Ho’s,您的家庭保健专家。Dr-Ho’s家用止痛产品系列畅销多个国家,约数百万的患者通过使用Dr-Ho’s疼痛治疗仪减轻了疼痛并恢复健康,重拾美好生活。目前Dr-Ho’s家用止痛产品系列在各大发达国家的药房,商超,线上平台,手机客户端,电视购物频道,直销渠道均有销售。且Dr-Ho’s家用止痛产品系列在加拿大是畅销品牌之一。今天我们想把我们的王牌销售冠军产品推给中国消费者: Dr-Ho’s多功能疼痛治疗仪,一个专业止痛的家用治疗仪。微电脑控制、自动调节、自动寻穴、操作简单,力度大、疗效明显、作用持久,变化多,体积小,携带非常方便,耗电小,采用新式粘贴,雅观方便,安全可靠,无副作用

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