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Shandong grote rehabilitation apparatus co., LTD is located in jinan, the political, economic and cultural center of shandong province. The company founded by each industry for decades of elites, including foreign precision machinery experts, senior engineers, the prosthetic orthopaedic implement domestic production division, senior electrical engineer, a famous lawyer, etc., is the shandong provincial government key support enterprise. The company has the import and export department, r&d department, sales department, production department, sales department, information technology, health recovery and other fields. Since 2013, committed to the research, development, production and clinical detection of limbs, no foreign sales, until after 2015, product quality is stable, in line with the attitude of responsible for customers and the disabled friends into the sales area. Our company has strong technical force, stable product quality and perfect after-sales service. Have invention, utility model and other patents. The company always pays attention to the market demand, continuously develops and produces new products, breaks through the bottleneck of domestic technology, provides more convenient and more stable prosthetic products for the disabled. The main types of artificial limbs are: Electrical control on the forearm prosthesis, electrical control wrist broken limbs, forearm prosthesis controlled electric switch, electric switch control wrist broken limbs, muscle power electric multimodal carbon fiber forearm prosthesis, myoelectricity electric multimodal cubits from broken limbs, muscle power electric multimodal upper arm prosthesis, myoelectricity electric multimodal carbon fiber upper arm prosthesis. The bones are decorated with forearm prostheses, bone decoration elbows off the broken prosthesis, bone decoration upper arm prosthesis, and bone type decorative shoulder from broken prosthesis. Size: large, medium and small. Suitable for adults. At present the products sell well all over the country. All the staff of the shandong grover rehabilitation apparatus co., LTD. Are welcome to visit and visit our company and cooperate with them to assist the disabled. Contributing forces to provide the disabled with a normal future. The concept of "protection, responsibility and love" was upheld. To promote the development of the rehabilitation appliance industry.

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