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spinamic is a fabric type scoliosis brace. Easy to wear and washable, therefore more hygienic. Mobility is improved, and the design is user-friendly, leading to improved compliance, therefore promising a better clinical outcome. The device is designed to improve patients’ quality of life while treating them right. The device is customized by our system algorithm. Our system analyzes 42 different forms of spine deformity and we can simulate how our treatment works for each patient with finite-element model. 1. Wearable Device : light weight/comfortable/easily washable 2. Personalized Device : Applicable to AIS patient based on data 3. Optimized Device: Adjustable therapy strength to provide optimized therapy for each patient 1. 3-point pressure band : Asymmetrical band structure                                           Thoracic, lumbar spine correction                                           Shoulder and pelvis correction 2. Dial adjustment : Compression strength adjustable dials to provide appropriate amount of therapy for each patient.                                                               3. Mobile application : Spinamic app provides push notifications to help the patients to keep track of device wearing time.

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