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Trio - Provides excellent Talo-Navicular & arch support




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Hexasole Insoles are ideal for post-op care, wound care, & minimising pressure on wounds, diabetic ulcerations and pain relief. Prostep – Designed for the low arch pronating foot. Prostep to generate large forces from heel strike to midstance Trio - Provides excellent Talo-Navicular & arch support Equiflex – Designed for Pes Cavus and the Supinating foot Carboflex – LSO & TLSO designed for spinal support more suited for a prolapsed disc, post-operative stabilisation, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. Footshield 2 shoe - The Footshield II Post Operative Shoe features evidence-based rocker sole technology that reduces pressure, improves comfort & encourages correct gait. HeadUp - is a revolutionary new cervical orthosis device to replace conventional neck support collars Prolevo -Innovative range of pressure redistribution products for use in the prevention or treatment of pressure related injuries

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