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As the only psychological equipment manufacturer participating in APA psychology annual conference in China, the CEO of the company delivered a keynote speech to more than 18000 scholars, experts, researchers and other people around the world at the 125th "American Psychological Society" held in Washington in 2017, discussing the research and development of psychological equipment. It has laid a solid foundation for the research and development of our psychological equipment. Changsha Lingxin rehabilitation equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and sales of psychological equipment, with the registered trademark of "Lingxin" and business all over the country. At present, the main customers are: judicial, military, prison, school, enterprise, medical, psychological consulting agency, community and other groups. The company has a professional psychological product R & D team. At present, the products that have been developed and sold include: music relaxation series (such as music relaxation products such as music relaxation chairs), vent equipment series (basic vent products such as vent people, vent walls, vent floors), intelligent vent equipment series (intelligent interactive instrument, shout vent instrument, hit vent instrument, intelligent emotion regulation system, etc Intelligent catharsis products), sandplay series (Sandplay related products such as Sandplay, sandplay, sandplay / Sandplay display rack), group activity series (group activity package, group activity table and other group activity related products), psychological evaluation series (psychological evaluation related products such as psychological evaluation software), self-confidence guidance series (self-confidence guidance related products such as self-confidence guidance system) ), intelligent psychological self-help system and a series of psychological rehabilitation equipment products with intellectual property rights such as product patents, and can provide professional psychological center overall solutions according to customer needs. The company has been adhering to the "customer moved" business philosophy, to a better customer experience for research and development purposes, attentive service, courage to explore. Constantly create new milestones on the road of psychological rehabilitation equipment.

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