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Since it’s release in 2009, WIDE LOAD has become the benchmark in wide fitting extra depth orthopedic safety footwear. Designed and developed in Australia in collaboration with leading orthopedic/custom made shoe makers, the WIDE LOAD last is based on EEE fitting plus an additional 8mm forefoot girth. The wide profile steel cap has been specifically designed to meet the demands of workers with wide feet. It is 12-15mm wider and 6mm higher than the industry standard, thus facilitating the fitting of custom made orthotics. The anatomically designed forefoot provides an additional 15% “footprint”, this combined with the self-cleaning cleat design provides maximum stability and enhanced slip resistance. The beveled heel strike and heel cushion zone help reduce foot, leg and lower back fatigue. WIDE LOAD is available from sizes UK 6-16 (USA 7-17) in a variety of styles to suit most industrial applications. Also available with non-safety TPU toe cap. All styles are direct injection dual density polyurethane construction providing maximum soling security. This technology combines a low density shock absorbing midsole with a hard wearing TPU outsole for tough working conditions. WIDE LOAD is certified to AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 and EN 20345:2004 自2009年发布以来,WIDE LOAD已成为宽幅超深度矫形安全鞋的基准。 WIDE LOAD是在澳大利亚与领先的矫形/定制鞋制造商合作设计和开发的,它基于EEE配件和额外的8mm前掌围。 宽型钢帽经过专门设计,可满足宽脚工人的需求。它比工业标准宽12-15mm,高6mm,便于定制矫形器的安装。 解剖学设计的前掌提供额外的15%“足迹”,结合自清洁鞋钉设计提供最大的稳定性和增强的防滑性。斜面后跟撞击和后跟缓冲区有助于减少脚,腿和下背部疲劳。 WAD LOAD可从UK 6-16(USA 7-17)尺寸获得,有多种款式可供选择,适合大多数工业应用。也可提供非安全TPU鞋头。所有款式均采用直接注塑双密度聚氨酯结构,提供最大的固化安全性该技术结合了低密度减震中底和耐磨TPU外底,适用于恶劣的工作环境。 WAD LOAD已通过AS / NZS 2210.3:2009和EN 20345:2004认证

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