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REHABUNCULUS The System For Motion Rehabilitation Rehabunculus increases the volume of motion rehab with minimum facilities and medical specialists involved thanks to remote monitoring of the rehab process and its automatization. AI-based technology for direct activation of neuroplasticity mechanisms Objective measurements + Built-in tests (Range of motion, “Sit to stand”, Romberg test) Reports Auto-tailoring of exercises due to the progress of a patient All patient’s data in one-click access Continuous health monitoring during exercises and feedback, mobile apps and motivation system. Our results so far: Preliminary results of the approbation: significant (p <0.005) and considerable (> 25%) improvement in balance and gait in patients with imbalances due to chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency and cerebral circulation disorders was revealed. Patients with impaired hand function showed a tendency to improve large hand movements, improvement of skills of household activity.

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