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Since its establishment in 2006, WeverInstruments has been committed to the advancement of the healthcare industry and national health and welfare as a venture company that specializes in research and development, manufacture, and sale of cutting-edgemedical equipment for hospitals and excellent medical devices. Today, the company is centering on selling key products in domestic and overseas markets including Zeus Wave (model name) -- which is a combination pain relief system involving extracorporeal shock wave therapy and high-intensity laser treatment -- and TESLA-3000 (model name) as combination laser and magnetic stimulator. With research personnel accounting for 40% of the employees hired, the company is operating an R&D technology center and continuously investing in the development of high-quality, state-of-the art medical devices. Guided by our corporate philosophy of "Secure customer satisfaction and trust at a time with satisfying products," we at WeverInstruments are developing and producing hi-tech medical devices by putting customer, talent, value, and knowledge at the center. We will always remember when we first started and continue to make contributions to the healthy living of human beings.

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